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There is nothing more frustrating, confusing or “         ” than writers block! Having something to say but not knowing how to say it–rehearsing a thousand times, just for it to come out all wrong. Time after time I find myself staring at my empty Facebook status box hoping to post something meaningful to counteract all the random nonsensical statuses, next thing I know it’s an hour later and I’d surf the entire world wide web of my Facebook camaraderie and Liked all of the cute baby pictures posted by the proudest FBmothers, still no status. Meanwhile, the reality is I just haven’t figured “it” out yet, maybe once I do I’ll have more to say. Furthermore, who is to say what is and isn’t important to a person? A Facebook status as well as all other things in life have the amount of meaning that we give it. Therefore…

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Make A Difference . . . For Life

The purpose of this blog is to highlight the need for the people of God, the true “Jesus people” to be actively involved in the work of salvation and evangelism. This work goes on not only in the struggle for the souls of individuals, but also in the struggles against the forces and systems that would prevent everyone from having life in its fullest.
Our challenge as followers of Christ is to make His dream a reality. History has shown us that a theology that does not reach out and touch people in the places where they live and hurt has very little true evangelistic power. Evangelism that speaks to soul salvation, while remaining silent on issues like, housing, education, and employment opportunities, just to name a few, is evangelism that ignores our personhood, the very reality of our humanity.

We serve a resurrected Jesus. Jesus is not still dead and buried in the tomb but He is alive. As such He is not standing idly by watching the events of human history unfold. Rather, He is working in and through those of us who are willing to be co-laborers with Him, take His yoke, and bear our cross.

It is my prayer that this blog will stimulate thinking and action to the end that, as friends and coworkers with Christ, our words and actions will bring hope and healing and in the final analysis, make a difference. . . . . . . . . . . . .For Life!