It Doesn’t Make Us Better

The truth about kids in adult jails . . .

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When I was 16 years old I was charged as an adult and held for 8 months in the Baltimore County Detention Center.  It was my first time being locked up in an adult jail. I was scared and tried to stay out of people’s way, but in the Baltimore County jail there isn’t a wing just for juveniles. I was housed with adults and shared a cell with an adult man the entire time. The cell was a very small, a closed area with no privacy.  To move by each other we had to move one at a time, saying ‘excuse me.’  To use the toilet we had to cover ourselves with a curtain.  I spent 18 hours a day in my cell.  The only time I was let out was for recreation and work.  During my 8 months in jail, I was never given the option to go to school.

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